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The CDC, WHO and many well-respected doctors say wearing personal protective equipment is an effective way to prevent COVID-19 from spreading. Used with social distancing and regularly washing hands with soap and water, PPEs can protect people’s health. We
are an excellent source for affordable, high-quality, PPEs like masks, face shields, hand sanitizer and disposable gloves. Buying PPEs wholesale from us is a fast, simple and affordable way to protect yourself and your loved ones from COVID-19. Getting bulk
orders of PPEs from us ensures you’ll have enough to protect yourself and your family.

What Are PPEs

PPEs are personal protective equipment people cover their faces and hands with to keep COVID-19 droplets off them. PPEs doctors recommend people use daily include face masks,
face shields, disposable gloves and hand sanitizer. We can fill bulk orders of the most
effective PPEs at affordable wholesale prices. Keep a good supply of PPEs in your home
or business. It’s an easy way to ensure you always have face masks, face shields, hand
sanitizer and disposable Nitrile gloves available. You can help prevent COVID-19 from spreading by always wearing PPEs in public. We have all the PPEs you need.

A Simple Solution

COVID-19 can spread through spray and droplets from infected people’s mouths and noses when they speak, laugh, cough or sneeze. Using face masks, face shields, hand sanitizer
and disposable gloves helps prevent COVID-19 from spreading. Having a dependable supply
of PPEs is a simple solution to that problem. Buy a bulk order from us at low wholesale
prices. We can ship a bulk order of face masks, face shields, disposable gloves and hand sanitizer to you quickly. Our Los Angeles facility has enough PPEs at wholesale prices to fill any size bulk order.

A Wide Array Of High-Quality, Effective, PPEs

Finding dependable sources of high-quality, effective personal protective equipment is very important to stop COVID-19 from spreading. We have a wide array of high-quality, effective ones at affordable wholesale prices to fill even the largest bulk order. They

1. 3-Ply Adult Face Masks
2. 3-Ply Kids Face Masks
3. Face Shields
4. Green Care Hand Sanitizer
5. 75% Alcohol Wipes
6. 62% Alcohol Wipes
7. Blue Nitrile Gloves

Our personal protective equipment is produced using high-quality material. Get a bulk order of face masks, face shields, hand sanitizer and disposable gloves from us
wholesale. They always fit and function properly. Our wholesale facilities in downtown
Los Angeles can get your bulk order to you fast anywhere in the country.

A Closer Look At Our Wholesale Personal Protective Equipment

To protect people from the COVID-19 virus, we produce some of the highest quality FDA certified PPEs on the market today. Here’s a closer look at some of them.

1. 3-Ply Adult Face Masks

Our 3-ply disposable protective mask designed for adults is FDA-approved for non-medical use. Designed for home, work or outdoor use, these masks provide excellent
protection from airborne COVID-19 infected droplets or spray. They are breathable, comfortable, durable and easy to use. The masks fit adults of all sizes and are ideal for use indoors or outdoors by both men and women. Its stretch ear loops create a fit that’s snug and secure, yet very comfortable.

Key Features

The face mask’s 3-layer design helps provide added protection the coronavirus. The outer layer is made from moisture-resistant fabrics. The middle layer is an effective cotton blend filter. The innermost layer is made of a moisture-absorbent cotton blend that feels soft against the skin. It helps prevent spittle, spray and droplets from escaping into the air. The mask is light weight, durable, comfortable and effective. The wholesale price of a bulk order box with 2,000 pieces is only $320.

2. 3-Ply Kids Face Masks

Our 3-ply face mask for kids is made of the same high-quality materials as the adult masks. It’s FDA approved and certified, disposable, durable and easy for kids to put on and take off. The size of the kid’s mask is 15 centimeters by 8.5 centimeters. FDA
approved for only non-medical use, the masks are ideal for wearing at home, at school or at play.

Wholesale Bulk Order

A wholesale bulk order of face masks for children contains 2,000 masks. Our facility
in downtown Los Angeles can ship them anywhere in the country fast. A wholesale bulk order of disposable kid’s masks costs $350 and can protect your children all year. The mask’s 3-dimensional design helps it provide a 99% bacterial filtration rate and lots of breathing room.

3. Face Shields

Our reusable transparent safety face shield can help keep potentially COVID-19 infected
spittle, spray or droplets off your face. They are designed for use by men and women to shield the wearer from airborne infected foreign particles. A wholesale bulk order of the shields come in boxes containing 300. They are made from high quality materials
treated with an anti-fog coating that helps to provide maximum visibility. They are crystal clear, very comfortable and arrive quickly from our facility in downtown Los Angeles.

Special Features

Our face shield has a fully adjustable head harness with a foam strip on the forehead to maximize comfort. It’s dustproof, windproof, anti-saliva and very easy to use. Plus,
you can quickly clean and sanitize it and safely wear it again. Our wholesale bulk order price of $300 means they’re affordable on any budget. This durable, lightweight,
effective, reusable full face shield is an excellent value.

4. Green Care Hand Sanitizer

Our Green Care Hand Sanitizer is a gel designed to decrease unhealthy bacteria on your hands. It’s made with 70% alcohol, green tea extract and Artemisia Princeps extract and kills 99.9% of germs. The FDA recommends alcohol-based hand sanitizer should have at least 60% alcohol. With 70% alcohol, Green Care Hand Sanitizer eliminates more dangerous bacteria on people’s skin and helps stop COVID-19 from spreading.

Wholesale Bulk Order Size

A wholesale bulk order for Green Care Hand Sanitizer, gets you 28 plastic 16.9 fluid ounce bottles of skin sanitizer. That’s enough to keep some in your vehicles, at home,
at work and in your child’s school bag. A wholesale bulk order of the hand sanitizer only costs $125. Our facility in downtown Los Angeles can get it to you in a flash.

5. 75% Alcohol Wipes

Our 75% alcohol wipes is good for cleaning and protecting surfaces from contamination by coronavirus-infected oral and nasal emissions. Made from a cotton spun-lace fabric infused with 75% alcohol, these wipes effectively eliminate bacteria and viruses on contact. They are perfect for use in homes, offices and automobiles. These alcohol
wipes have a 99.99% sterilization rate. They are very soft, so they are safe to use on
all surfaces without scratching them.

What A Wholesale Bulk Order Contains

When you purchase a bulk order of our 75% alcohol wipes wholesale for $245, you get 70 packs of the powerful, alcohol saturated wipes. Each pack contains 40 wipes. You can put them in every room in your home, in your automobile and in your desk at work. Our 75% alcohol wipes can help you protect yourself from COVID-19.

6. 62% Alcohol Wipes

The CDC and WHO both say it’s important to cleaning hands and surfaces with cleansers
containing 60% alcohol or more. Our 62% alcohol wipes exceed that recommendation. They are made from a very soft cotton spun-lace fabric which contains 62% alcohol. The wipes kill germs, bacteria and viruses and are safe to use in homes, classrooms and offices. Use them to disinfect vehicles, furniture, toys, pocketbooks, briefcases, electronics, office equipment and any surface. Their sterilization rate is 99%.

What A Wholesale Bulk Order Provides

You can get a wholesale bulk order of 62% alcohol wipes quickly delivered from our downtown Los Angeles facility. For only $85 you will get 24 packs of our disinfecting wipes. Each individual pack has 60 wipes you can use to clean and disinfect your hands or any surface. Using them helps keep regularly used surfaces COVID-19 free.

7. Blue Nitrile Gloves

Another important type of personal protective equipment we have at a low wholesale price when you make a bulk order is disposable Blue Nitrile gloves. These gloves a powder free, durable, multipurpose and come in sizes that include small, medium, large and extra large. Our wholesale bulk order price for 1,000 powder free, disposable, Blue Nitrile gloves is $130. Our Los Angeles facility will send you 10 boxes with 100 professional-grade, non-sterile, single-use ambidextrous, 100% Nitrile gloves each. They are ideal for use in any home or business. You simply discard them after use.

About Us

We are Health Supply World, a Los Angeles, California based personal protective equipment wholesaler. From our Los Angeles, CA based facility we provide people with high-quality, competitively-priced, personal protective equipment. Being based in Los Angeles enables us to provide our clients nationwide with fast service. Contact us today if you need face masks, hand sanitizers, disposable gloves and more. We offer quality products, fast service and affordable prices. Call us today.

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