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Not so long ago, buying hand sanitizer was as simple as walking into almost any store, making your selection from the available brands, and going through the check-out line to make the purchase. With the advent of COVID-19 earlier this year, you may be asking all your friends and neighbors, “Where can I find hand sanitizer near me in stock?”.

Panic buying wiped out store shelves in a hurry when experts began to predict a worldwide pandemic. Stockpiling made it necessary for many people to pay several times the regular price from an online source to get the protection of hand sanitizer.

Several months into the pandemic, infection statistics began to look somewhat better. The supply came closer to matching the demand. Still, if you were asking, “where can I find hand sanitizer near me?”, you might count yourself lucky to find many options for buying hand sanitizer from an online dealer. If you found some in a local store, you might not be able to buy more than one or two bottles at a time.

So where are the best places to find hand sanitizer for sale? What is the best hand sanitizer to use? What if I want to purchase a green care hand sanitizer? Are there any suppliers that sell hand sanitizer and other protective items like a KN95 Face Mask or an Infrared Thermometer?

Answers to the question of where to buy hand sanitizer will be explored in the article below.

BA Hand Sanitizer Antibacterial (2oz – 2 Pieces)

Advantages of Using Hand Sanitizer

If you are wondering how hand sanitizer can clean and disinfect your hands, consider these facts:

  • Most hand sanitizer includes ingredients that do not harm your hands, and some actually have skin enhancing qualities
  • Ingredients in hand sanitizer kill approximately 99.9% of bacteria/microorganisms on skin
  • Small, 2-4 ounce bottles are easily portable and ready to use anywhere, anytime
  • Each family member can be responsible for hand cleaning as needed

Why Buy Hand Sanitizer

Clean hands are an essential part of avoiding germs and diseases. Notices in hospitals and doctors’ offices remind us of the importance of careful hand washing.

Since the onset of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, medical experts have consistently reminded us to wash our hands often and properly. The now well-known rule is to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with an antibacterial hand soap and rinse them thoroughly. Experts say that almost any kind of soap will be sufficient if proper time and care are taken in handwashing.

But what about when you are away from home or any other source of water and you need to sanitize your hands? What will you do if a storm knocks your electric power out for an indefinite time?

Carrying a small bottle of hand sanitizer to use can help protect you from germs until you can find a place to wash your hands. But hand care is not all you can do with this amazing product. Rub a bit of hand sanitizer on you keys or credit cards during or after shopping. When you pick them back up, they will be safer to handle.

Green Care Hand Sanitizer Gel- 500ml / 16.9 fl.oz, 70% Alcohol

Buying Hand Sanitizer from a Local Store

Pros of Buying Hand Sanitizer From a Local Store

  • Save time by buying a hand sanitizer for sale at your local supermarket, department store or pharmacy
  • Save money by not paying service or shipping fees
  • Take advantage of weekly specials or sale prices at your local store

Cons of Buying Hand Sanitizer From a Local Store

  • Supplies may be depleted or even sold out when you shop
  • Limited variety and size of product
  • Store may put a limit on the number of bottles of hand sanitizer you can buy at each visit

Buying Hand Sanitizer from an Online Store or Dealer

Pros of Buying Hand Sanitizer from an Online Store or Dealer

  • Greater selection of brands and sizes
  • Bulk purchasing readily available with resulting savings per unit
  • No need to drive from store to store. Have the product delivered to your home
  • Quick delivery available in most cases

Cons of Buying Hand Sanitizer from an Online Store or Dealer

  • Shipping and handling charges may apply
  • Longer waiting times for receipt of product, especially in times of high demand
  • Product may be out of stock and a substitute may be sent

Local Stores to Check for Hand Sanitizer Availability


If you are asking, “Where can I find hand sanitizer near me?”, try you local CVS store.

In case you have not signed up for a CarePass membership and received your CarePass card at CVS yet, now would be a good time to do this. With your CarePass account, you can get free shipping on orders of $35.00 or more, not exceeding 50 pounds in weight. Check with the store pharmacist about any other restrictions.

Shopping in-store during the COVID-19 pandemic may present some challenges, especially for senior citizens or people with compromising health conditions. Still, shopping in the brick-and-mortar building will offer you more choices.

When perusing the store’s online service, you might see many or most product selections listed as ‘in-store only’ or even ‘out of stock’.

When wondering, “Where can I buy hand sanitizer?”, a phone call to the store would be a good thing to try, to check availability of products. Also, ask the customer-care representative who answers the call if there are certain hours reserved for senior citizens and high-risk individuals to shop.


Staples opened its first store about 14 years ago in Massachusetts and now has over 1,000 stores nationwide.

In addition to office supplies and furniture, electronics and technology, Staples provides health and beauty products, stationery, snacks, and printing supplies and services.

Your local Staples store carries a wide variety of hand sanitizer for sale, so shopping in the store might be your preference. By practicing social distancing and observing store regulations concerning COVID-19, in-store shopping might be a good outlet from too much at-home time in lock down or quarantine.

Alternately, shopping Staples online provides a fast and easy way, especially good if you need to limit your time away from home.

Some other stores that might carry the best hand sanitizer for you include Home Depot, Office Depot, and Best Buy.

The bottom line is, check with your favorite local store to see what product availability they offer on items like hand sanitizer, liquid antibacterial soap, and face masks.

Buying Hand Sanitizer Online

Pros of Buying Hand Sanitizer Online

  • Easy and convenient. No need to ask where can I find hand sanitizer near me in stock or risk COVID-19 exposure
  • Greater variety of choices
  • Reviews of other users to help assess unfamiliar brands
  • Affordable or free shipping hand sanitizer delivery often available

Cons of Buying Hand Sanitizer Online

  • Shipping charges may apply in addition to service fees
  • Waiting time for delivery may be longer than usual due to high demand
  • In some cases, desired product might be out of stock and a substitute product may arrive

Online Sources for Buying Hand Sanitizer

Super Sanitizer

If you are tired of asking, “Where can I find hand sanitizer near me in stock?”, consider shopping Super Sanitizer online.

All hand sanitizer marketed by Super Sanitizer is produced in a facility registered by the FDA. Moreover, their products are compliant with CDC standards, containing 70% alcohol.

The unscented formula moisturizes the skin and can be used repeatedly throughout the day.

Sizes vary from 2 ounce personal bottles to gallon size or larger. Bulk delivery is also available.


For a 75% alcohol hand sanitizer that is infused with moisturizers for skin nourishing, try Cleace 75% Alcohol 500ml Hand Sanitizer Gel.

If you are looking for a family-sized 16 oz hand sanitizer (or slightly larger), you might try the 500 ml (16.9 ounce) Cleace hand sanitizer gel.

Cleace Hand Sanitizer has a 99.99% bacteriostatic rate and also prevents viruses.


Is the outdoor life for you? Do you need a small-sized hand sanitizer to carry on a camping trip?

REI carries Dr. Bronner’s organic sanitizer to kill germs on your hands when water may not be available.

This 2 ounce bottle of Bronner’s organic sanitizer is environmentally friendly with 62% organic ethyl alcohol, organic lavender oil and glycerin for skin protection.


If you are wondering where to buy hand sanitizer with extensive variety and available free shipping hand sanitizer, Amazon is a great source to search.

Brands of hand sanitizer offered on Amazon include:

  • Pura D’or Hand Sanitizer, a 16 oz hand sanitizer featuring 70% alcohol with deep-cleaning tea tree oil, along with a mild scent of lemongrass
  • Suave Hand Sanitizer which is CDC compliant with 65% alcohol
  • Artnaturals Hand Sanitizer is 62.5% (CDC compliant) ethyl alcohol, and is vegan (no artificial fragrances)

Health Supply World

Your search for where to buy hand sanitizer will not be complete until you visit healthsupplyworld.com for a wide selection of products to help you cope with the COVID-19 pandemic.

If finding a green care hand sanitizer is important to you, Health Supply World has you covered with our own Green Care Hand Sanitizer Gel.

Do you need a 3ply kids face mask or 3ply adult’s face mask?

Are you looking for a 75% Alcohol Wipe product?

Health Supply World can fill the order.

If your friends, family, or coworkers ask your advice on where to find hand sanitizer near me, tell them to go to healthsupplyworld.com to peruse our products. There is no need to leave the comfort and safety of home.

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