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Anti-Bacterial Face Mask

Due to the spread of the coronavirus, many people are wondering if their children need to wear cloth masks or antimicrobial face masks. The solution for protecting kids from COVID-19 is not simple. Despite this, antimicrobial face masks are believed to help protect both adults and children. Wearing a face cloth mask has become common for adults and kids all over the world. There is even a Los Angeles Face Mask wholesaler offering a good selection including a kids antimicrobial print mask, printed cloth masks and a black fabric face mask.

According to the CDC, cloth masks can help prevent the coronavirus from spreading. Antimicrobial face masks are extremely important for anyone unaware they are carrying the virus. Cloth masks can minimize airborne particles, making them very popular. Numerous styles are now available such as a basic black fabric face mask and printed cloth masks for kids. One of the most popular is the antimicrobial face masks. It is important to understand why cloth masks have become critical, and how to find the best mask for the needs of all children.

Kids AntiMicrobial Print Mask

What are Antimicrobial Cloth Face Masks?

The fabric used to make cloth masks is capable of trapping the moisture enabling microbial growth. Antimicrobial face masks were developed because microbes are able to thrive on typical materials. A wide variety of antimicrobial face masks are available in different fabrics. This is different from a standard face cloth mask due to the fibers within the fabric, and the antimicrobial coating. A good example is the kids antimicrobial print mask using metallic salts. The effectiveness of cloth masks is dependent on what is used for killing microbes.

Benefits of Antimicrobial Fabrics

Antimicrobial face masks provide children with a wide range of benefits. Even after kids have worn the mask numerous times, and it has been washed often, the antibacterial rate remains at approximately 99 percent. This type of face cloth mask also has an anti-microbial effect. Since children are so active, the kids antimicrobial print mask was designed to be fun to wear, quick to dry, and provide UV protection.

How They Work

Wearing a traditional face cloth mask every day often results in the fabric deteriorating, discoloration and odors. This is why antimicrobial face masks were created. The materials used help ensure the mask remains clean. A black fabric face mask can be created to resist odors, and prevent bacteria from growing on the surface. Quality cloth masks help prevent contamination by eliminating the threat of bacteria and viruses. A good example is children wearing a face cloth mask. Most kids frequently touch their faces and masks.

The result is the virus being transferred to the eyes or mouth later on. This risk is lessened with a kids antimicrobial print mask. Every time kids sneeze or cough into antimicrobial face masks, bacteria are eliminated on the mask’s surface through positively charged ions contained in the fabric. Since children are more concerned about the appearance of the mask, printed cloth masks not only help eliminate odors, but increase the chance the child will wear the mask. Although not yet documented, the estimate of the CDC is the virus may be viable for days,

According to experts, the chance of the virus being transferred to the hand’s increases when cloth masks are touched. The most infectious surfaces are those most frequently touched including elevator buttons and doorknobs. One of the most popular antimicrobial face masks contains copper to help kill both viruses and bacteria. The New England Journal of Medicine conducted a study showing when placed directly onto a copper surface, the coronavirus will die within a few hours.

Will Antimicrobial Fabrics Stop COVID-19?

There is no longer any doubt the virus can get onto the fabrics of a traditional black fabric face mask or common cloth masks. Higher quality cloth masks are more effective for preventing the coronavirus. A study was conducted regarding antimicrobial face masks and the flu virus. The results showed this type of mask was more effective than vacuum cleaner bags, regular pillowcases, tea towels and cotton-blend cloth masks. Bacteria thrive in warm damp environments such as clothing, but live even longer on hard surfaces.

According to experts, printed cloth masks are not a good environment for the virus. Despite this, cloth masks can host the coronavirus for approximately 24 hours. Microbes such as bacteria will grow on a fabric face cloth mask, multiplying as the days pass. The difference is when there is a virus on a black fabric face mask, it will die within a maximum of 24 hours. Cloth masks are not conducive to the growth of viruses. This is the reason providing children with a kids antimicrobial print mask is so important.

There are antimicrobial face masks effective for certain kinds of viruses. The quality of both the fabric and construction are important for helping to prevent the virus. Parents with kids to protect should consider purchasing printed cloth masks through a Los Angeles Face Mask wholesaler.

Where to Buy

Antimicrobial face masks, a kids antimicrobial print mask, a black fabric face mask and regular face cloth masks can be purchased through Los Angeles Face Mask wholesaler. Health Supply World offers reusable cloth masks of the highest quality. The antimicrobial fabrics are obtained from South Korea, with the face cloth mask cut and sewn in the United States. Kids enjoy the printed cloth masks due to the wide selection. Many adults prefer a simple black fabric face mask. All cloth masks are:

  • Packed individually
  • Not to be used by kids under the age of two
  • Made in the United States
  • Quick-dry
  • Constructed of six percent spandex and 94 percent polyester
  • Breathable and antimicrobial
  • Have an anti-microbial effect
  • Not meant for clinical use
  • Provide UV protection

The fabric used to construct the face cloth mask provides an aerosilver effect to decrease the growth of Phenumoccus, Staphylococcus and MRSA within a short period of time.

What Do Medical Experts Say About It

Cloth masks are frequently used in the United States to slow down the progression of the virus. The CDC has reviewed the most recent science, and determined a face cloth mask is an important tool in fighting the coronavirus. A black fabric face mask can help decrease the spread of the virus when used by the entire community. There is evidence showing printed cloth masks help prevent children with the coronavirus from spreading it to other children. The director of the CDC stated one of the best weapons for slowing down and stopping the coronavirus is cloth masks.

A review was conducted by the CDC “CDC calls on Americans to wear masks to prevent COVID-19 spread” regarding two different case studies. The results showed wearing a face cloth mask stopped the virus from spreading in a Missouri hair salon. Once the Coronavirus Task Force and the MMWR encouraged Americans to wear cloth masks when leaving their homes, the number of adults and kids wearing printed cloth masks significantly increased. The results determined there were benefits to wearing a black fabric face mask.

Evidence is growing regarding the protection provided by antimicrobial face masks. The individual wearing the mask has a much smaller chance of spreading the coronavirus to others. When the entire community wears antimicrobial face masks, the protection increases even more. Data was analyzed by the CDC from a survey conducted on the internet. A sample of the nation consisted of 503 adults. The consensus was 62 percent of the participants intended to follow the recommendation of the CDC by wearing cloth masks whenever leaving their homes.

When the survey was repeated by the CDC, the number of adults agreeing cloth masks were now necessary increased to over 76 percent. This increase was mainly the result of non-Hispanic white adults, with approval increasing from 54 to 75 percent. The approval of non-Hispanic black adults increased from 74 to 82 percent. The results from the Latino community remained stable, increasing from 76 to 77 percent. The biggest increase in adults agreeing to wear printed cloth masks was in the Midwest, increasing from 44 to 74 percent. The approval in the Northeast also increased from 77 to 87 percent.

So Do Cloth Masks Really Work?

Other than workers on the frontline in the healthcare industry, a black fabric face mask is considered a relevant precaution for the virus. Respiratory droplets are responsible for the spread of COVID-19. Infected individuals are more contagious prior to the onset of symptoms, during the first 48 hours. It is important to understand antimicrobial face masks are intended to provide protection for other people, not the wearer. Evidence is increasing showing cloth masks do provide the intended protection because respiratory droplets are contained prior to being expelled.

Evidence has been produced by both scenarios in the real-world and results achieved in labs. A good example is a recent experiment conducted in a lab. Methodology was used for scattering laser light as a visual representation of the generation of respiratory droplets. The participants repeated stay healthy over and over. Every time this phrase was spoken, hundreds of droplets were generated. The size of the droplets was between 20 and 500 micrometers. The conclusion of the researchers was when the mouth of the speaker was covered, almost all of the droplets were successfully blocked.

The evidence from case studies and epidemiologic data was more compelling. A recent study was conducted with public data for the calculation of the growth rate of COVID-19 before and after the mandates for cloth masks were placed in the District of Columbia and 15 states between March and May of 2020. The researchers determined the mask mandates slowed the daily growth rate of COVID-19. The estimate is as many as 450,000 cases of the virus may have been prevented. The experiments conducted in the real world are very persuasive.

One case involved a man flying to Toronto from Wuhan with a dry cough, Even though he tested positive for COVID-19, none of the other passenger’s tests were positive because he was wearing a cloth mask during his flight. Another case involved two hairstylists both sick with the virus. They worked on 140 clients combined. Due to orders from the state, everyone was wearing cloth masks. None of the tests for the clients were positive. This does not mean there are no risks, or any mask can provide 100 percent protection from COVID-19 even if used all the time.

The bottom line is when cloth masks are combined with social distancing, the spread of COVID-19 can be effectively prevented. Cloth masks are not there to protect the wearer, but all of the people they come into contact with.

Why Buy an AntiMicrobial Cloth Mask with UV Protection?

Antimicrobial cloth face masks are constructed with a 3-ply design for more effective protection. A cloth-based material is used for the first layer. The water-resistant material blocks droplets and fluids leaving the mouth of the wearer. Particles are filtered out by the high-density filter including dust and pollen. Antimicrobial fabric is used for the inner-layer for repelling microorganisms including mildew and mold particles, viruses and bacteria.

The movement of moisture is promoted by the antimicrobial fabrics, while preventing both odors and stains. The antimicrobial fabric promotes moisture movement while preventing stains and smelly bacteria.

What Makes Our Cloth Masks Different?

As a Los Angeles Face Mask wholesaler, all of our masks are certified, and we only sell quality products. We offer a good selection including printed cloth masks, kids antimicrobial print Mask, and black fabric face masks for adults. A face cloth mask helps prevent COVID-19 from spreading due to droplets of infected fluids from the mouth and nose and airborne sprays. Wearing a disposable surgical mask or a 3-ply face mask is even more effective because they keep out airborne sprays and viral droplets of COVID-19 better.

The best cloth masks should have three non-homogenous layers. The material used for the outer layer should not be penetrable by the virus. As a Los Angeles Face Mask wholesaler, we believe a filter should be used for the middle layer. The layer coming onto contact with the user’s face should be comfortable, soft and absorbent.

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