What Are Nitrile Gloves?

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The short answer is that nitrile gloves are single-use gloves made from a latex-based material where all the latex proteins have been removed. Nitrile hand gloves are safe for use by anyone, especially those with latex allergies.

When they first hit the market, nitrile gloves were more expensive than their latex counterparts because of the processing required to remove the latex proteins. Now, because of processing improvements, nitrile gloves are just as affordable as latex.

Today, more than ever, preventing the spread of bacteria and viruses has become vitally important. Nitrile gloves are now used in a wide array of industries. The use of such disposable personal protective equipment is critical to safety in professions such as food delivery and medical services. Because of their unique polymer, single-use nitrile gloves are also thought to be a stronger, and therefore, safer glove for industries in which cutting and puncturing are a concern.

Elite Nitrile Powder Free Gloves, Blue – 100 Piece (S/M/L/XL)

What are Nitrile Gloves Used For?

Being waterproof, nitrile gloves are a good choice for jobs where hands are exposed to moisture or harsh liquid substances throughout a shift. From mechanics to hairdressers to tattoo artists to food workers, nitrile gloves are a great barrier for protecting an employee’s hands from constant moisture and chemical exposure.

Crafters and artisans also like using disposable nitrile gloves to prevent having to repeatedly wash their hands when working with messy substances like paint or clay. Overwashing the hands can lead to chafing and cracking of sensitive skin. Cracked and chafed skin can easily become infected so using an allergy-free protective barrier like nitrile helps prevent skin irritations.

Also, using disposable nitrile gloves greatly reduces the chance of cross-contamination when handling food or touching clients’ skin. Disposable nitrile glove use is recommended for use anywhere that someone comes in contact with another person’s skin or handles something that is going to be consumed, like food or drink.

The Cost of Nitrile Gloves

When they were first produced, nitrile gloves were more expensive than latex gloves. Over time and due to improved manufacturing processes, nitrile gloves are now a very affordable option.

At Health Supply World, a 100 piece box of disposable nitrile gloves will run under $20. Available in blue and black powder-free versions, they come in sizes small to extra large. Wholesale inquiries are welcome with free shipping available for orders over $49.

Where to Buy Nitrile Gloves

Started by two college classmates, Health Supply World is your go-to shop for nitrile glove supplies and other personal protective equipment.

Seeing a shortage in the personal protective equipment industry, Health Supply World was created as an on-line source to have a positive impact in an uncertain world.
With black and blue nitrile options, Health Supply World also carries traditional latex and vinyl gloves. Protective plastic face gear and over-the-ear masks are available, as well, at very affordable prices.

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Nitrile Gloves vs Latex Gloves vs Vinyl Gloves

Protective, single-use gloves come in latex, vinyl, and nitrile varieties. Making the best choice for your specific needs can be a little confusing. Let’s break down the options to help ease your decision-making process.

Nitrile gloves are disposable, protective gloves that start off with a latex base but are made latex-free by a manufacturing process that removes latex proteins. These are a good option for people who must wear gloves but are sensitive to latex. Used across a wide range of industries, nitrile gloves have become a very popular choice where hand protection is key.

Latex gloves are produced from the sap of rubber trees and have a natural resistance from extremely harsh chemicals such as acids or formaldehyde. They are also disposable and are regularly used in the medical field where contamination from blood-borne pathogens can occur. However, with many professionals and patients having allergies to latex other disposable glove options became necessary.

Vinyl disposable gloves are latex-free and almost eliminate the possibility of adverse allergic reactions. While they can be soft and comfortable to wear, vinyl gloves do not always provide the best protection from harsh solvents. They can also reduce touch sensitivity, making detailed work, like tattooing, a challenge.

Why are Disposable Nitrile Gloves Used?

Disposable Nitrile Gloves are used wherever a protective layer is needed between the wearer’s hands and contact with the skin of another, harsh chemicals or blood-borne contaminants. Single-use nitrile gloves have been found to be more protective than rubber gloves with over 65% of chemical compounds. This is more than 25% percent better protection than latex or vinyl gloves.

JobSelect Nitrile Gloves, available from Health Supply World, have been found to be an effective barrier for those in the food, mechanical and hairdressing industries. They are also great for use around the house or shop for general cleaning tasks or anywhere that hands come in contact with water or harsh substances.

Wherever hand protection is needed, nitrile gloves are considered a good choice. Stronger and more wearable than latex gloves, nitrile gloves provide the necessary hand protection you are looking for often without the discomfort associated with latex.

What Types of Gloves are Good for Medical Use?

While nitrile disposable gloves continue to gain popularity as a piece of protective equipment, latex gloves are still favored in the medical field. Health Supply World offers powder-free latex gloves.

Recognized world-wide as a strong and reliable form of hand protection, disposable latex gloves have been the go-to for medical professionals for decades. Naturally resistant to chemicals and blood-borne contaminants, latex gloves are a reliable option. Sterile latex gloves are also affordable to produce making them a popular choice in the medical industry where access to reasonable pricing can be crucial.

Are Single-Use Nitrile Gloves Truly Latex-Free?

Nitrile gloves, despite starting from a latex base, do end up being latex-free by the end of the manufacturing process. Being latex-free makes nitrile gloves an excellent choice for anyone with a latex allergy who must wear gloves as part of their job. Choosing nitrile gloves can eliminate the risk of latex reaction while still providing excellent hand protection for you and your clients.

Being latex-free is not the only advantage of disposable nitrile gloves. Disposable nitrile gloves have also been found to be a stronger barrier against chemical exposure and are more puncture resistant. These are important factors in the food, mechanical, and medical industries where sharp instruments are used regularly.

If you or your business is looking for where to buy nitrile gloves, Health Supply World has powder-free nitrile gloves in both blue and black. Wholesale inquiries are welcome and shipping is free in the U.S. with orders over $49 making the cost of nitrile gloves affordable for your family or business.

Are Disposable Nitrile Gloves Food Safe?

Disposable nitrile gloves in the powder-free option are safe for food handling. Not only used to protect customers, but single-use nitrile gloves also protect the hands of the foodservice employee who comes in contact with moisture and chemicals throughout their work shift.

Considered to be more puncture resistant than latex and nitrile gloves can also create a better barrier against over 65% of regularly used chemicals. Nitrile gloves have now become the go-to glove in the foodservice industry because of their durability and non-allergenic material.

At Health Supply World we stock disposable, food-safe nitrile gloves that are also powder-free in a variety of sizes. All of our nitrile gloves provide good protection from constant moisture and chemical exposure at an affordable price.

Seeing a need to provide personal protective equipment to many industries, we started Health Supply World as a way for individuals and businesses to have the PPE supplies they need. Wholesale requests are welcome and shipping is free for orders over $49.

What are Nitrile Gloves Made Of?

Nitrile is a synthetic polymer substance created from rubber sap taken from rubber plants. During the manufacturing process, all the latex proteins are removed from the material. Combining acrylonitrile and butadiene with the final latex-free solution results in a very strong material that is then used to fabricate disposable nitrile gloves.

In the beginning, this process was more expensive than making latex gloves which made nitrile gloves more costly. However, over time, the manufacturing process has become more cost-effective resulting in a stronger, more affordable synthetic glove.

Single-use nitrile gloves are an excellent choice for anyone needing protective hand gloves because they are non-allergenic. Industries where cutting and handling sharp objects is common generally find using nitrile gloves safer because the nitrile polymer is stronger than latex.

At Health Supply World we stock and sell powder-free nitrile gloves for individuals and businesses where workers need reliable glove protection.

With affordable pricing and various size options, Health Supply World looks forward to being your affordable go-to supplier for personal protective equipment. Whether you are looking for gloves, masks, or face shields, Health Supply World has you covered.

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