100 Activities for Kids During Coronavirus Outbreak

Kids love to play and interact with each other but due to the corona virus pandemic that is not possible. Just because our kids are stuck inside does not mean their experience should be boring. This article discusses the 100 activities for during corona virus outbreak both indoor activities and outdoor activities. It is imperative that kids are provided with children face mask or the 3ply kids face mask. Below are 100 activities for kids during coronavirus outbreak.

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1. Body games
There are quite a range of kids activities during coronavirus pandemic. These are activities you do with kids whereby you can name your baby’s body parts and point directly to them in order to teach them their names for example; “where is my baby’s belly? There it is!”

2. Family band
Create musical instruments from safe objects within the house, for example; you can make a shaker by using beads that are placed inside a bottle. Always remember to sanitize the objects before using them, afterwards sing songs with your baby.

3. Peek-a-boo
This is another singing game whereby you need kids face masks or cloth to cover your face and remove it as you say “peek-a-boo”. Your baby will be excited watching you reappear and disappear.

3 Layer KIDS Disposable Protective Mask – FDA Approved for Non-Medical Use

4. See and say
As the name suggests the games requires you to pint towards an object in the house and name it out loud, for example; “this is table”. Create a certain rhythm while saying the words, ensure the kid is having a great time.


5. Drawing and coloring
These are toddler activities which involves giving your baby crayons and a plain drawing paper, clean them and put on a kids face mask before the drawing begins. This allows your kid show their creativity through the coloring of different objects and shapes.

6. Ball passing
These are toddler activities where by you rock the ball back and fourth with your kid, most of the baby’s actions depend on your own actions because they learn from you. This helps inspires self-confidence and muscle memory. Make sure your kid wears a baby face mask as you play together.

7. Kitchen drummer
These are toddler activities that involves using kitchen tools for example wooden bowls and spoons to make a set of drums that you play with your kid. Ensure the tools are cleansed before giving them to your kid. The kid will have a good time playing the drum star

8. Box toy car
All, you need for these toddler activities is a clean empty box, dress up your kid , ensure the 3ply kids face mask is on wrap him in smooth blankets ensure the kid is comfortable, then pull the baby in and around the house.


9. Chase around
Playfully chase your kid in and around the house while singing for example, “I am going to catch you” if the kid is energetic enough to run outdoors then ensure you put on his baby face mask.

10. Dressing up
This is an indoor activity where by you pick a number of fabric and cloths and then let the kid unleash their creativity by allowing the make any costume of their choice. This will help to build on their creative mind.

11. Sound naming
This is an activity whereby you make different kinds of sounds or voices or even animal noises, you are required to help your kid identify the different noises and memorize them, and you can also take the opportunity to teach him about the different types of animals.

12. Toddler Challenge
All children love challenges due to their eagerness to learn as they grow. You can give your baby different challenges that you think they can handle for example; “jump, raise your leg etc. This helps to keep your baby active.


There are numerous creative activities for 5 year Olds, and these include ;

13. Obstacle racing
This can be both an indoor and outdoor activity whereby you build an obstacle race course using soft materials for example, toys, pillows, fabric and cloth. Then you dress up your kid and ensure he puts a face mask on.

14. Toy cleaning
Encourage your kid to wash away his toys, give the kid a clean piece of cloth, fill up a bucket with water and then insert the toys dip the toys into the water and let the kid have fun cleaning his toys as he play with the water.

15. Snack building
Challenge your kid to help you make a snack for the family, encourage her to use as many colors as they can and let her lay out all her creations in a clean plate. The kid will have a great time and will be proud of her own creation at the end.

16. Make me believe you scenarios
This is a game whereby you let your kid to come up with an imaginary world of her choice and then encourage her to explore and explain her imagination.

17. Nature Walk
Change the scenery of your kid, take him out of the house (ensure he puts on the baby face mask and carry along a hand sanitizer). Choose better destinations for great experiences.

18. Camping in the backyard
Instead of vacation camping you can go camping in your backyard with your kids. Make sure they wear children face mask and have hand sanitizers. Pick a tent and gather and spend time together, you can watch a movie or cook with your kid.

19. Go for a run
Lace up and go for a run with your kid, mind the distance you cover depending on the age of the kid (energy). Put on a facemask and carry hand sanitizers. Carry a clean cloth to help clean up while on the run.

20. Rope jumping
You can jump a rope with your kids, it is a great way for keep fit and for muscle development. The amount of time spent doing the exercise depends on the kids.

21. Photo taking sessions
Teach you kid on how to use a camera, then help them take pictures either indoors or outdoors, this will be a fun adventure for the kids and will help grow their creativity levels.

22. Gardening
Make your kid help you grow some food in your backyard (Make sure he has a face mask on). This activity is both relaxing and a happy bonus as much as it is educational.

23. Stairs workouts
Happily chase around your child or children up and down stairs as a form of exercise.

24. Hiking
This is an outdoor activity that requires you to dress up your kid and ensure his face mask is on and also carry along a sanitizer. Choose a great destination for a better experience, you can take pictures and record videos of the adventure to make the hike fun enough.

25. Bike riding
Teach your kid how to ride a bike in the back yard or a around the house, cycling can be a great way to keep your child occupied while having fun at the same time.

26. Play Balloon tennis
Play balloon tennis whereby you play tennis without racquets, throw the tennis ball back and forth with your kid, this is a great for hand-eye coordination.

27. Collection painting
Take your kid to the backyard and do some rock collection, put the rocks into different categories and then paint them with different color, come up with something artistic.

28. Dirt Digging
Put on face mask and go mid digging with your kid, the mud pie fun is an amazing way to spend time with the kids, help the kids mould up some objects from the mud pie for example, make a cup from a mud pie.

29. Build a sack line
Use a few twigs, old carpet and carabineers and tubular webbing form your garage. Lots of fun as you spend time trying to balance, the kids will definitely enjoy this one.

30. Three-legged races
Make a team up between one adult and one kid for example; “mom and son”, “dad and daughter” match ups and challenge each other to see who wins.

31. Bubble playing
Make some homemade bubbles and giant wands, mix them with water and detergent, show you kids how to pop them, chase them around and admire the color of the rainbow in each and of the bubbles.

Fun activities to do with kids at home :Explore Music

32. Prodigies’ music
This is a colorful music curriculum for kids between the ages of 1-12, it offers ear training, theory lessons, exercises and calculators. You can use this feature to help teach your kid how to sing in tune and understand music language 21 for free.

33. Listen to songs for teaching
This is a large selection of songs that help in teaching of both kindergarten and preschool students. This activity helps you educate your kids from home.

34. Use virtual music instruments
You can teach your kids how to use online music instruments for example; piano, guitar pan flutes, bongos and drums.

Virtual tours

35. Access the Boston children’s museum
You can enjoy the view of the museum from the comfort of your home, let your kids walk through the three levels and explore all the fun offered through Google maps.

36. Access mars
From your own living room you and your kids can explore mars through the NASA’s curiosity rover to allow viewers to see mars up-close.

37. Access the Alaska department of fish and game
Your children will enjoy watching all the creatures in the Alaska wild, ranging from ice worms, song birds, brown bears and ice worms.

38. The British museum
This iconic museum allows virtual visitors to view the great court, your kids will enjoy the view of the museum located in the heart of London.

39. Education
You can access inline games for each grade and subject for all your kids, the games reduce boredom making the learning experience way more fun.

40. Highlights Kids
This feature offers great games and puzzles for kids that help in brainstorming during study breaks throughout the day.

41. PBS kids.
PBS offers a daily schedule of all the activities that your kid will be taking part in, it also offers tips that make learning easier and fun for the kids.

Other fun activities to do with kids at home :Movement

42. Kids yoga
This feature offers free yoga lesson plans for kids with instructions that aid the kids during the exercise with the aim to improve movement.

43. GoNoodle
It incorporates videos that help in socio-emotional health development physical wellness and academic success. This feature offers a great way to have fun for you and your kids.

44. Kids workouts
This platform offers kid friendly workouts, it gives you various options enabling you to choose a specific workout for your kid depending on the strength, agility, flexibility and balance of your kids.

Arts and Craft

45. Artsology
This feature allows kids to play games, conduct investigations and explore the different forms of art, it is a fun way for your kids to learn and appreciate art.

46. Crayola
This platform offers free pages for your kids to colour and a lot of crafts at the fingertips of your kids.

47. Kids think design
This platform explores graphic design, interior design, book design, product design, animation, architecture and environmental design. For your kids this is beneficial in terms of intellectual excellence.

48. Jigsaw explorer
This is an online jigsaw puzzle that enables kids to set photograph in a particular order ranging from 6-1000+. Helps improve the creativity in kids.

49. Met kids
This is an endless, wonderful and easy way for kids to interact with art and explore the various aspects of art. You can help your kids learn how to use this platform.

50. Toopy and blinoo
This platform offers multiple colouring pages and printables for example dominos and puzzles.It is one of the best sites for many kids and you can introduce your kid to the site for a great time.

51. Cooking and baking
The food network has kid friendly recipes for both cooking and baking.

52. Dance parties
You can let the kids have fun outdoors with their neighbours(with mask on) while observing social distancing protocols.

53. Charades
Children can act out as different words, various sounds while their neighbor kids geuss what they are acting out.

54. Hula hoop contest
Children can battle out against each other to see which famiy team hoops better than the other.

55. Start a neighbourhood window talk
Children from families living next to each other can communicate and have fun through the windowds to reduce boredom.

56. Building forts
You can allow your kids to build a special hangout fort where they can read or watch a movie to help change scenery.

57. Make cards for family and friends
This is a great way for kids to connect with their friends even though they are physical apart, it also helps improve creativity.

58. Parent-child plank pose
It helps strengthen the abdomen, the back,hips and pelvis. Challenge each other and see how may times you can repeat the process.

59. Have an alphabet day
Have your child choose a certain letter of their choice daily, help her create items or objects that begin with the letter, repeat the process frequently.

60. Create your own workout schedule
Help your kids choose their own style and type of workouts ,and choose the period with which the workout lasts to form a family workout that’s unique to each member.

61. DIY paper beads
Use toothpicks and glue, catalogues, magazines and old paper to create beads with your children.

62. Create a cloud in a jar
Teach your kid about cloud formation, use hot water, hairspray and a jar with a lid. This will help build the imagination and improve the thought process.

63. Virtual visits
Using an online virtual map wth our pictures, you can teach your child about your heritage and life since elementary school, it helps the kids understand growth.

64. Learn a new language
Use Duolingo to learn a new language ,you can also improve your child’s English skills bby using english52.

YouTube channels

65. Camp YouTube
The channel helps you recreate the fun in the summer form the comfort of your house by giving you themes, colors ,art and adventure.

66. Crash course kids
The channel offer you weekly shows on grade school sciences that you can choose to teach your kids.

67. Science channel
The channel will help your kids learn about space travel and new technology.

68. Free school
The channel gives your child exposure to all the learning materials for example children literature and art in an age-appropriate and kid-appropriate manner.

69. Geography focus
It focuses on geography, maps, culture , flags different languages and travel. Which helps your kids learn more about their heritage.

70. National geographic kids
The channel focuse on pets,animals and science. Kids can learn more about their own pets, their behavior and prefences.

71. Tynker
This channel is for nerd kids, kids interested with coding, it offers free coding lesson during school closure.

72. Make a timeline
Have your kids help you make a timeline for activities that the family is involved in daily. The timeline highlights the schedule of the family.

73. Read a good book
Have your kids reads their favourite novel that is not school related, let them learn a new exicting topic from the comfort of your home.

74. Research your family tree
Help your kids learn more about their family, all their relatives and all the members of the extended family, show them pictures of the members for familiarity.

75. Have an indoor campout
Create an indoor campout using a small tent inside the living room for your kids, they can hang out in there , watch a movie or play, this helps reduce monotony.

76. Start some indoor seed plantings
Have your kids help you plant seedling in the house, for example they can plant flowers in cans within the house.

77. Indoor scavenger hunt
Start an indoor scavenger hunt in the house for the whole family, the kids will play different roles that are rotated after every cycle, this is a fun way to spend tme in the house.

78. Hand clapping games
They include; like miss Mary mack, double-double and tic tac-toe, this can be done by all family members to help motivate the kids.

79. Memorize state capitals
Have your kids learn and memorize all the state capitals in the world, make a fun tune that helps them memorize the names.

80. Memorize all nations in the world
Have your kids memorize all the nations in the world, this is both educative and fun.

81. Memorize all the planets in the solar system
Help your kids learn about the solar system, all the planets in the universe, the moon, the sun and the stars.

82. Play balloon volleyball
Play balloon volleyball with your kids, through the volley ball up towards your kid and let her throw it back to you, show her new fun moves as you play together

83. Invent a card game
Help your kids rearrange cards to come up with new card games and new fun card tricks that help improve their creativity.

84. Learn new magic tricks
By watching magic shows with your kids, you help them learn new magic tricks that improve their imagination while having fun at the same time.

85. Plan a family vacation
Take time to plan a vacation with your kids, ask them to list their preferences and the type of experience they want during vacation.

86. Have a tea party
Have a tea party in the house with your kids and all the family members.

87. Memorize all presidents
Help your kids memorize the names of all the presidents in the world.

88. Play a silent game
Play a silent game with your kids, see who takes the longest time before speaking.

89. Invent a new sport
Let your kids come up with new ideas to invent a new indoor sport to keep them occupied at home.

90. Learn about flags and how to communicate with them
Help your child learn about the various flags of the different nations in the world. These are creative activities for kids to do at home during COVID-19.

91. Learn knot-tying
Help your kid learn how to tie cool know knots. These are things to do with kids at home.

92. Teach your kids how to play online games
Teach your kids how to play new games online for example solitaire.

93. Go for a Sunday drive any day of the week
Take your kids out for a normal Sunday drive during the week day(put on a face mask).

94. Play alligator
Team up with your kids and play alligator and challenge each other, see who has the best record.

95. Help their kids redo their rooms
Help your kids redo their rooms by changing the order of arrangement to change scenery and try fresh ideas.

96. Make a new play space
Have your kids help you make them a new playing space by cleaning the basement or garage space.

97. Pet teaching
Help your kids teach their pets new trick for example puppies. these are fun activities for kids at home.

98. Alphabetize your spices
Have your kids help you rearrange the spices in your kitchen by alphabetizing them. These are also fun activities for kids at home.

99. Alphabetize your books
Help your kids rearrange their books by alphabetizing them. These are creative activities for kids.

100. Play games with the kids
Generally, the article helps you navigate through creative things to do with toddlers at home during covid 19. Beginning from toddler activities all the way down to many other things to do with kids at home, the article gives all the details that you need on the 100 activities for kids during coronavirus outbreak.

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