How Much to Pay for Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer, hand sanitizer, hand sanitizer. Over the past few months, we’ve heard those words more than we ever thought we would.

Hand sanitizer is one of the first lines of defense against illness. It should be no surprise why the simple hygiene tool has become more expensive in recent months: We all want to keep our family and friends safe.

Below, we’ll discuss the cost of hand sanitizer and where to find affordable hand sanitizer. We’ll also touch on the benefits of hand sanitizer and how much to pay for hand sanitizer.

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Why Have Hand Sanitizer Prices Risen?

As coronavirus has swept through the globe, many vendors have been forced to hike up hand sanitizer costs. Since mid-March, retailers have been forced to ration supplies in order to meet increased consumer demand.

According to data published by the research firm Kantar, the UK saw the average hand sanitizer price hike up by 255 percent in February alone. Shoppers spent 10 percent more on household cleaners on Average compared to the same time period in 2019.

So, how do we account for this tremendous surge? Analysts believe that consumers are stockpiling cleaning products in order to keep themselves safe against the virus.

In the United States alone, hand sanitizer sales spiked to a record 1,400 percent between December and January.

Though demand stagnated in late May, it’s likely that prices will once again climb as the US enters a second wave of cases. As confirmed cases have topped 10 million globally, a new surge in the US has hit 36 out of 50 states. Even though the US has 4 percent of the world’s population, it accounts for a record 25 percent of its coronavirus cases.

Local vendors have responded by stockpiling hand sanitizer. Just consider the case of Matt Colvin, a Tennessee-based Amazon merchant, who claimed over 17,700 bottles of hand sanitizer with nowhere to legally resell them.

The man made a 1,300-mile trek through the state, filling a rented U-Haul with cleaning products from “little hole-in-the-wall dollar stores in the backwoods”. By this point, the major metro shopping areas were already cleared out of products.

Online sellers have not only had trouble meeting demand, they’ve found it difficult to combat consumer stockpiling. In the UK, one common hand gel brand was being sold for $109.99 on Amazon, despite normally retailing at less than $4.

Experts believe hand sanitizer price gouging will continue to affect the hardest-hit US states. Many buyers find it difficult to find instock hand sanitier and wonder where to buy hand sanitizer online.

How Expensive Will Hand Sanitizer Become?

As the number of US cases continue to grow, it’s likely that the average hand sanitizer price will rise again.

Hand sanitizer is now used on a daily basis to combat sickness in schools, hospitals, supermarkets, and businesses. Many cities have implemented more regulations that require businesses to provide hand sanitizer to buyers.

Moreover, only particular types of hand sanitizer are effective against the virus. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers need to contain at least 60 percent alcohol in order to kill the bacteria present on the hands.

Experts believe the demand for foam-based and gel hand sanitizers to spike over the summer and into the fall. Consumers have had to turn away from departmental stores to online vendors in order to access less expensive brands.

It’s not likely that demand will fall until the virus is more under control. By 2027, the global hand sanitizer is expected to reach a record 2.17 billion through unprecedented growth rates.

Where To Buy Hand Sanitizer Online

Wondering where to buy hand sanitizer? Thankfully, some key vendors are committed to providing fair prices. You won’t have to break the bank in order to keep you and your family safe.

Health Supply World offers some of the fairest prices around. Better yet, we offer free shipping and extra discounts on all our products.

Our alcohol-based Green Care gel hand sanitizer contains 70 percent alcohol, which is effective to stop the virus in its tracks. It’s guaranteed to nip 99.9 percent of germs in the bud.

Our hand sanitizer contains soothing green tea extract and special extracts to calm irritated skin. It’s works excellently for those that suffer from dry skin, especially if you’ve been religiously applying sanitizers.

Better yet, if you buy in bulk, we provide additional price-per-bottle discounts. During these difficult times, we believe that buying affordable hand sanitizer shouldn’t be hard. We promise to never participate in unfair practices like hand sanitizer price gouging.

Though online vendors advertise hand sanitizer, many don’t actually have any in stock. Some buyers are forced to wait through long pre-order periods before it actually arrives at their doorsteps weeks later.

We have instock hand sanitier that’s ready to ship right away. If you’re seeking for where to buy hand sanitizer, try to avoid in-store locations. Visiting a physical location unnecessarily could put you in danger of catching coronavirus.

How Much To Pay for Hand Sanitizer

We’ve all heard news reports of 8 oz. hand sanitizer bottles selling for over $400. In March, buyers were willing to shell out large amounts of money just to access common brands.

In Illinois, consumers lodged over 700 hand sanitizer price gouging complaints by late March. In many states, price gouging laws only applied to petroleum and fuel products, forcing many governors to issue executive orders that extend to household goods.

As the pandemic has progressed, retailers have become better able to accommodate buyers’ demand. Many wonder how much to pay for hand sanitizer and where to buy hand sanitizer online.

In early June, the average price for a name-brand 8 oz. hand sanitizer bottle rose to $6 for buyers that were lucky enough to find one in stock. During a normal year, the hand sanitizer price would be $3-$10 depending on the size and where you buy it from.

Some buyers have only had luck securing small bottles for three to six times the average price. It’s not uncommon to see bottles sell for as much as $60.

Of course, the cost of hand sanitizer shouldn’t be a deterrent for your own health and safety.

Health Supply World offers Green Care Hand Sanitizer for only $7.95 for a bottle of 16 oz.

Do You Really Need Hand Sanitizer?

Hand sanitizer is one of the primary ways that buyers can protect themselves from bacteria and viruses. When combined with regular hand washing, using alcohol-based hand sanitizers can be incredibly effective.

The Benefits of Hand Sanitizer

We all use our hands everyday for basic tasks, yet they are also the primary gateways for germs to reach your mouth, nose, and eyes. Studies show that the average person touches their own face 16 times an hour.

Tired eyes, an itchy nose, and even stress can be a big trigger for most people. However, touching your face significantly increases the chances of contracting a virus. The eyes and mouth are areas where viruses enter the body most easily.

Luckily, hand sanitizers can help to reduce the risk of mindless face touching and virus transmission. When used properly, hand sanitizers can eliminate up to 99.9 percent of the germs on your hands.

Moreover, cheap hand sanitizer is much more portable and accessible than a hand washing station. The CDC recommends hand sanitizer as a regular addition to washing your hand when preparing food, handling animals, or throwing out trash.

Affordable hand sanitizer is especially useful for offices, classrooms, or any space with regular foot traffic. Due to its ease of use, people are much more likely to apply it than they are to wash their hands. Making hygiene practices more effortless is one easy way to reduce the risk of virus transmission.

Instock hand sanitier may contain aloe, herbs, or other anti-inflammatory compounds to make your hands softer over time. Contrary to popular thought, affordable hand sanitizers may help moisturize your skin and improve its appearance.

According to the CDC, here’s a short-list of the best benefits of hand sanitizer:

  • Kills up to 99.9 percent of viruses and bacteria
  • Works as occasional replacement to regular hand washing
  • Highly portable and easy to use
  • Effortless use encourages visitors to practice hygiene
  • Excellent to use whenever a sink and soap aren’t accessible
  • Significantly reduces the chances of viral transmission

How and When to Use Hand Sanitizer

It’s no secret that alcohol-based hand sanitizers are incredibly effective at reducing the number of microbes living on your skin. However, you should understand how and when the use sanitizers in order to be as safe as possible.

Hand sanitizers work best well in settings where hands remain grime and soil-free. When your hands are caked in dirt or visible stains, hand sanitizers may not work as effectively.

Right after playing sports or working in the garden, you should hand wash with soap and water before applying hand sanitizer.

Hand sanitizer is also not meant to remove harmful chemicals, such as pesticides and heavy metals. One study found that people who used hand sanitizer as a complete replacement for hand washing had increased levels of pesticides in their bodies.

When soap and water isn’t available, the CDC and FDA both recommend using a hand sanitizer with at least 60 percent alcohol. Numerous studies have found that sanitizers with higher alcohol content are more effective at killing germs.

Sanitizers with less alcohol may not work equally well for a wide variety of germs and may merely reduce growth rather than kill them.

How to Apply Hand Sanitizer Properly

First, apply a generous dollop of gel sanitizer directly to the surface of the palm. Vigorously cover the surface of the palm in a circular motion before coating the backs of your hands.

The average hand sanitizer starts to kill germs immediately, yet will stop working in just under two minutes. That’s why it’s important to consistently reapply hand sanitizer throughout the day.

The Cons of Home Made Hand Sanitizer

If you’ve struggled to find where to buy hand sanitizer, you may have considered making your own.

You’re not alone. Unable to find cheap hand sanitizer, some have turned to making home-made hand sanitizer recipes. All major health agencies agree that making your own sanitizer isn’t effective nor safe.

Many “recipes” posted on Twitter, Reddit, and Pinterest boast that they’re completely effective at killing germs. DIY products don’t have verifiable information on the methods they use.

If you don’t get the concentration of ingredients correct, experts warn that the solution could be completely unsafe to use. Store-bought hand sanitizers not only have the proper amount of ingredients, they are independently verified by government agencies.

When you mix at home, you ultimately can’t control how the alcohol gets diluted in the final product. Some users have even complained of cracked and bleeding skin after using an at-home recipe.

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