How Do Infrared Thermometers Work?

Multi-function Digital Infrared Thermometer

With the spread of Covid-19, it is becoming more important than ever that we be able to monitor health safely and with as little physical contact as possible. This is why more and more people are now looking at the use of an infrared thermometer, a non contact thermometer that uses infrared technology as a way of measuring body temperature.

You can learn more about the use of an infrared thermometer and just how reliable its results can be by reading the information below. In this article, we go over the questions you likely have about these incredible tools, teach you the ways you can use them properly, and show you where you can purchase one of your own.

What Are Infrared Thermometers?

An infrared thermometer is a non contact thermometer. It can read body temperature without needing physical touch or being inserted into a person or patient. Instead of a temperature strip, wand, or other traditional thermometer components, an infrared thermometer resembles a small laser gun and is battery powered.

The infrared thermometer features an easy-to-grip handle with a trigger, and the top portion of the tool features a digital screen on one end and a laser on the other. In the following section, we will discuss how exactly all of these components make an non contact infrared thermometer work.

In a world dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic, non contact methods of healthcare, like the infrared thermometer, are becoming increasingly important.

How an Infrared Thermometer Works

When the trigger on an infrared thermometer is pulled, a laser light is ejected from the “gun” portion of the thermometer. This laser light simply allows for easy aiming of the infrared thermometer at a person or patient without contact.

The infrared thermometer itself picks up on the thermal energy given off by the body. For example, if you point an infrared thermometer at a person’s forehead, it can sense the heat radiating off of that body part. It uses this information in its determination of body temperature.

The results of the reading will appear on the screen of the infrared thermometer after a few seconds of holding it steady towards the person or patient at a short distance. This eliminates any need for physical contact.

With Covid-19 still a huge concern, you can greatly benefit from choosing non contact methods of checking your internal body temp. You won’t find yourself constantly washing or sterilizing an infrared thermometer after using it, because it never actually touches the potentially sick individual.

How Accurate Is an Infrared Thermometer?

An infrared thermometer is an incredibly accurate and precise tool, so it can be relied on when distinguishing between normal temperature and a high fever.

In fact, most situations in which this type of digital thermometer returns an inaccurate result are because of human error. As long as you properly use the infrared thermometer gun in accordance with the instructions, your readings should always considered accurate.

Ensuring an accurate reading can be accomplished by being careful you do not hold the forehead thermometer too far away from the person or patient you are measuring. While contact is not necessary with a digital forehead thermometer, standing too far away may make it difficult for the infrared thermometer gun while it is picking up the thermal radiation from the person’s forehead, causing an inaccurate reading.

You will also want to be sure and hold the infrared thermometer steady, as this increases the likelihood of a precise and accurate reading. Thankfully, the laser light makes it extremely easy when you are holding the thermometer steady at the person you are measuring.

Most importantly, you should be sure that nothing extremely hot or cold is too close or nearby the thermometer during the reading. Extreme temperatures radiating from nearby objects may interfere with the laser thermometer and cause the skewing of results in favor of that object rather than the person or patient.

If all of the tips are taken into consideration, then you can rest assured that a non contact thermometer is just as accurate as any other thermometer you could use.

How to Use An Infrared Thermometer

  • Power on the infrared thermometer.
  • Choose, in the settings on the display screen, whether you’d like your results in Fahrenheit or Celsius.
  • Standing within a couple feet of the person or patient that needs measured, point the infrared thermometer gun towards their forehead.
  • Pull the trigger on the infrared thermometer gun so that it ejects the laser light.
  • Steady this light on the center of the person’s forehead and hold it steady for a few seconds.
  • Wait for the results as they appear on the screen.

Can Infrared Thermometers Measure Body Temperature?

Traditionally, an infrared thermometer has been a tool used outside of the medical field. They can be used for measuring the normal temperature of home heating and cooling units, refrigerators, and other machines or dangerous equipment that it would be impossible to measure with a traditional contact thermometer.

However, as we has discussed above, this type of non contact thermometer is also incredibly useful when measuring body temp. This is especially true when worrying about Coronavirus, which can be spread through contact on surfaces. A non contact thermometer is not only equally as effective as a traditional thermometer, it is actually far healthier and safer for use.

Just like a anything else, the human body gives off thermal radiation. The amount of heat radiating from a person’s skin can be used in determining their internal body temp. Once the infrared forehead thermometer has been pointed at the patient, an accurate reading should follow.

Can I Use an Infrared Thermometer on a Baby?

It’s one thing when you are monitoring the normal temperature for adults, but it’s another thing altogether when you are monitoring the normal temperature for babies. A baby can be quite difficult when striving for an accurate reading, and it typically requires far more contact than it would with an older child or adult.

Luckily, a non contact thermometer is a great solution for use on babies. A non contact infrared thermometer is completely safe for use and makes it easier when you want the best reading possible. Babies move around a lot, especially when they don’t enjoy what is happening, like a thermometer reading.

Simply point your non contact thermometer at the baby and you will soon have a hassle free reading, helping you better understand if the baby is suffering from a fever. The infrared forehead thermometer will not harm the baby or even cause any sort of distress or discomfort, making it an easier process on babies, parents, and medical professionals alike.

How Much Does an Infrared Thermometer Cost?

After reading about the amazing technology behind the infrared thermometer and all of its incredible benefits, you may find yourself wondering if this useful tool is too expensive. Fortunately, an infrared thermometer is actually extremely affordable.

The Multi-function Digital Infrared Thermometer only costs $36.95, making it a great value when you consider all of the advantages it provides over traditional thermometers. It can help you monitor the normal temperature for adults, children, and babies alike without the need for any physical contact.

While the price of a non contact thermometer is higher than that of a traditional thermometer, the ability for using it without contact is priceless in a world suffering from a global pandemic.

Additionally, an infrared thermometer can be used repeatedly, for years and years after the original purchase, without the need for buying additional disposable sanitary sleeves or cleaning materials.

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Where Can You Buy an Infrared Thermometer

Now that you understand what an infrared thermometer is and have read over the how to use thermometer section of the article, you’re probably wondering what places you can purchase one from. A non contact thermometer is a great addition for any home or medical office.

At Health Supply World, you can buy a high-quality infrared thermometer that is among the best in its category. This infrared thermometer is accurate, safe for use, and is the perfect non contact thermometer solution in a post pandemic world.

We hope that this article helped you better understand what an infrared thermometer is and how you can use them safely and effectively. A digital thermometer is a great tool for measuring body temp., and it requires absolutely no contact between the people involved in the measuring. Visit Health Supply World today and purchase a high-quality laser thermometer for your home or medical office.

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