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Throughout history, diseases have arisen that surpassed the bounds of existing medical knowledge. When a disease infects an entire region, an epidemic occurs. If it involves the entire world, that is called a pandemic. If no cure or vaccine is available, preventative measures are the best means of control. One modern-day preventive measure for disease control is the face mask. With the current pandemic, a protective face shield can offer better protection than the conventional masks that have been widely used in the past. The benefits of a plastic face shield are still being researched, but may prove helpful in slowing and eventually stopping the current pandemic.

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Today we are in the midst of a devastating pandemic caused by the same type of germ that can cause the common cold, namely coronavirus. Beyond being responsible for relatively minor respiratory infections such as bronchitis and pneumonia, two major coronavirus illnesses in recent years include Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS).The year 2020 will be remembered as a time of historic national and global upheaval. The first six months of the year, a medical crisis has wreaked havoc on worldwide economies and shaken the medical profession to its core. The source of this disturbance is a pathogen in the coronavirus family now known as COVID-19 which is believed to have originated in China.

In December 2019, many Chinese people became ill with symptoms including cough, difficulty with breathing, and fever. The sickness was believed to have been contracted while visiting a fresh seafood market in the central-China city of Wuhan in the province of Hubei. The virus spread rapidly in China and by January 21, 2020, nine COVID-19 deaths had been confirmed in China.

COVID-19 in the United States

On the same day the Associated Press reported 9 Chinese deaths from COVID-19, the first case was reported in the United States. A 30-year-old man who had traveled to Wuhan developed flu-like symptoms on January 16, having arrived in the U.S. the day before at the Seattle-Tacoma Airport. By his own report, the man had only been traveling through the city of Wuhan and had not visited the outdoor market nor encountered anyone who was sick.

The first U.S. death from the coronavirus disease known as COVID-19 occurred on February 6, 2020 in Santa Clare County, California. The cause of death was only determined after an autopsy since the death occurred at home. Two other people who died at home (on February 17 and March 6) tested positive during autopsy.

The first publicly announced United States COVID-19 death was reported by President Trump to have occurred on February 28 in King County Washington. Officials of the same county updated the information of two other COVID-19 deaths which had occurred on February 26.

At the time of the three deaths in California, hand washing was recommended for prevention of disease spread. However, in the absence of evidence of community spread, neither a face mask nor a plastic face shield was recommended. This decision was soon reversed as community spread became apparent.

The benefits of wearing a conventional face mask for coronavirus prevention versus wearing a face shield mask are still being researched and will be discussed below, including where to buy face shield.

Benefits of Wearing a Cloth Face mask Compared to a Safety Face Shield

In late April 2020, hundreds of millions of people in the United States quickly complied with the advice to wear cloth face masks for coronavirus prevention. At that time, medical grade face masks were in short supply and the public was advised that frontline medical workers needed access to these for protection in caring for COVID-19 patients. With the high risk these workers encountered, the benefits of face shield wearing would soon lead to widespread use of safety face shields.

With medical-grade face masks next to impossible to purchase and cloth mask production in the beginning stages, professionals and the general public began to search for where to buy face shield. Online sites were the most likely place to quickly find face shields for sale.

A debate ensued as to whether cloth face masks would be an effective enough deterrent to COVID-19 transmission since laboratory tests revealed that they did not block 100% of virus-sized aerosol molecules. It was agreed, however, that they offered a significant degree of protection.

A team of three doctors from the University of Iowa offered another option for widespread public protection, and the benefits of face shield use were explained. They recommended wearing a clear face shield like medical workers used. They explained that the manufacture and distribution of the protective face shield can be accomplished quickly and at affordable prices.

The plastic face shield recommendation was backed up by an article published in the American Medical Association on April 29, 2020. Dr. Eli Perencevich and his team of experts at the Iowa City VA Health Care System agreed that the protective face shield may be a better choice for coronavirus prevention.

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How Much to pay for Protective Face Masks

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Requirements for an Effective Full Face Shield

The questions then arise: What specific characteristics would the plastic face shield need for optimum protection? What should I look for in the best face shield? In order to be as effective as possible, the clear face shield would need to:

  • Completely protect the forehead with no gap between the headpiece of the safety shield and the forehead
  • Offer coverage on both sides of the face shield mask for ear protection
  • Extend to a level below the chin

Advantages of a Full Face Shield

  • Continuously reusable face shield mask
  • Easy to clean with disinfectants or soap and water
  • More comfortable coronavirus protection than cloth or medical grade face mask
  • Face shield mask guards against impulsive touching of the face

Other advantages to the regular use of a full face shield have to do with the way we relate to each other during this pandemic. With efforts being made to reopen the economy and resume a more normal way of life in general, experts have recommended social distancing. This means maintaining a distance of six feet between people to guard against transmission of the virus.

When we put on a protective face shield for coronavirus prevention, or see another person wearing one, we have a visual reminder of the benefits of social distancing.

Finally, a clear face shield allows us to see each other’s faces as we talk. Being able to see facial expressions helps us understand nonverbal communication better. Additionally, being able to see a person’s lips moving as they talk helps people who are hearing challenged be able to better discern what is being said.

Effectiveness of a Protective Face Shield for Coronavirus Prevention

According to Dr. Perencevich and his team, extensive studies have not been conducted to measure the benefits of face shield use. However, in simulation studies, when a simulation (robotic) health care worker wore a clear plastic face mask within an 18-inch distance from a cough, the immediate viral exposure to the worker was reduced by 96%.

In a similar study performed with subjects 6 feet apart (according to the specifics of social distancing policies) a safety shield decreased the inhaled viral particles by 92%.

Apparently, little testing have been done on the benefits of face shield in protecting others from the aerosol effect of breathing or coughing from an infected person wearing the safety shield. Some tests have indicated that the degree of protection in this case varies according to the size of particles expelled with the cough. The final consensus is that wearing a safety face shield can protect the person wearing the safety shield from germs expelled by others.

The question that concerns many scientists is whether a clear plastic face mask will protect people around you from your germs if you are infected with the coronavirus.

Safety shield advocates like Dr. Parencevich cite the laws of physics as a reason to believe that it will.

Viral particles expelled with a cough are ejected straight out, flying forward and slamming up against a large, solid piece of plastic. Obviously, they cannot go through the clear plastic face mask.

Coronavirus droplets are believed to be large and tend to drop to the ground within six feet of the cough. This is the basis of the six foot measurement for social distancing.

In order for a bystander to be contaminated by a cough from an infected person wearing a safety face shield, smaller particles called aerosols would have to stay in the air and make their way around the clear face shield.

Dr. David Fisman, an epidemiologist at the University of Toronto, contends that an aerosol effect is rare with coronavirus, and represents an unlikely means of spreading the disease.

Dr. William Lindsley of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health suggests that wearing both a face mask and safety face shield might be wise for people in high-risk categories for COVID-19, as well as those who worry about possible aerosol transmission.

In robotic tests where the robot wore both a conventional face mask and a face shield mask, inhalation of viral particles was decreased by 97%.

Dr. Robert Glatter, an Emergency Room physician and front-line COVID-19 care provider at the New York City Lenox Hill Hospital, is a supporter of full face shield protection. While admitting that long-term clinical studies have not been done, Dr. Glatter points to the benefits of a safety face shield in the hospital setting. He considers a full face shield to be a common sense remedy to the limitations of the traditional face mask.

Clearly, no means of coronavirus protection is 100% effective. Even vaccines cannot offer a complete guarantee against any disease. When used in combination with meticulous hand washing and careful social distancing, the use of a clear face shield can go a long way to flatten the curve of COVID-19.

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