Where Can I Buy Hand Sanitizer?

hand sanitizer

Many products disappeared from shelves at the beginning of the pandemic. The reason for the toilet paper run remains a mystery. Hand sanitizer, one of the best methods for combating COVID-19, remains challenging to locate. We will provide recommendations for purchasing this important substance (although you may have to pay for it in toilet paper).

The Benefits of Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer acts quickly to kill microorganisms on your hands. It can easily accompany you while traveling by car or plane, allowing you to remain germ-free on-the-go. It provides a defense against bacteria on your hands. Unlike antibacterial soap, it does not encourage antimicrobial resistance. Some brands may improve the condition of your skin, while others leave your skin unharmed.

Our Hand Sanitizer Contains 70% Alcohol and Beneficial Extracts

Health Supply World provides sanitizers with 70% alcohol, above the CDC’s recommendation of at least 60% alcohol content in hand sanitizer. Healthcare professionals, in their work setting, should use 75%-80% alcohol. Our sanitizer’s 70% alcohol content nearly reaches the industry standard for healthcare workers (a level not needed for home use) and sits well above the CDC’s recommended alcohol level.

We also include Green Tea Extract and Artemisia Princeps Extract. Scientific research shows that Green Tea Extract exerts intense antiviral activity, making it an exceptional choice when battling COVID-19. Green Tea Extract also prevents your hands from drying out when frequently applied.

Artemisia Princeps Extract soothes dry skin. In hand sanitizer, it will keep your hands soft and moist, eliminating the dry skin occurring with the application of some brands.

Where Can I Purchase Hand Sanitizer?

After an initial run on hand sanitizer, many pharmaceutical stores and grocery stores now have intermittent stock. The availability of hand sanitizer in the stores remains sporadic, with very few stores advertising its presence on the shelves. At Health Supply World, we can supply you with premium hand sanitizer at a reasonable price.

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Hand Washing Remains the Gold Standard, But Hand Sanitizer Works

Wash hands

The best defense against COVID-19 remains washing your hands. Plain soap suffices. Use warm water. Scrub your hands for at least 20 seconds, making sure you cover all surfaces, including areas between fingers, the outside of your hands, and all parts of your palm. You should wash your hands when you first return home, when you use the bathroom, and when you come into contact with anyone not a part of your household.

When you cannot wash your hands — after walking to your car from the grocery store, for instance — hand sanitizer performs the same function. Make sure you cover all the parts of your hands that you would while washing your hands. Feel free to rub excess sanitizer onto the steering wheel or onto the credit card that the clerk handled as you checked out.

Hand sanitizer helps kill COVID-19. Used correctly, it replaces washing your hands, although you should still wash your hands after returning from the grocery store. Make sure you allow hand sanitizer to dry before cooking, grilling, or coming into close proximity with any flames or materials that could spark. The alcohol in the hand sanitizer can ignite.

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